Moore Norman Technology Center

The Moore Norman Technology Center, located in Moore, Oklahoma, is one of Oklahoma’s 29 technology centers and one of the nation’s best education institutions. It emphasizes hands-on training and experiential learning. Students earn certifications and technical skills that can lead to meaningful career opportunities. The center has seven National Board Certified instructors. Key Code Media … Read more

lyte technology

Phunware Acquires Lyte Technology Lyte Technology is a privately held company that offers high-end computer systems to consumers. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and currently employs 30+ people. Its products and services include custom built PCs, desktop shipping, and DIY PC build kits. The company is committed to facilitating early adoption of the … Read more

technology park

What is a Technology Park? A technology park is a development that encourages the growth of technology-based startup firms and is usually affiliated with a university. They are often property-based and have many benefits to local economies. In addition to providing a hub for innovation, a technology park can help attract talent and create jobs. … Read more

management and evaluation of instructional technology

In instructional design, the process of evaluation is crucial to the success of a program. In order to assess the effectiveness of an educational program, evaluations must capture both the performance and attitudes of learners. This requires the development of written directions for the learners and the construction of assessment tools, such as rubrics, rating … Read more

e collar technologies

E-Collar Technologies are a great way for dog owners to teach their dogs obedience and improve their temperaments. These collars can be used with dogs of all obedience levels and temperaments. These training tools are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. They are very easy to use and are perfect for dogs of all breeds … Read more

golden technologies

Golden Technologies Implemented a Process and Operations Improvement Project Golden Technologies needed a process and operations improvement project to improve its production capacity and increase efficiency. The company’s rapid growth and new product development had resulted in manufacturing bottlenecks and scheduling inefficiencies, which were affecting throughput and on-time delivery of customer orders. Identifying the issues … Read more

kaman industrial technologies

Kaman Industrial Technologies Implements Infor Distribution SX.e Kaman Industrial Technologies is a subsidiary of the Kaman Corporation, a $1 billion diversified company that provides high-technology products and services to customers. The company offers more than 2 million items across five different product categories. Its services range from manufacturing Ovation guitars to independent distribution of musical … Read more

zev technologies

Zev Technologies – New Products and Collaborations Zev Technologies is a company that designs and manufactures precision parts for a wide range of firearms. They specialize in AR-style rifles and Glock handguns, and they collaborate with other manufacturers to develop parts and accessories for these firearms. Their latest collaboration was with Ed Brown Products, who … Read more

synchronizing to automobiles and typical technologies used for different devices

Types of Synchronizing Systems for Automobiles There are many types of synchronizing systems for automobiles. Here, we’ll discuss Over-the-Air synchronization, GNSS, Dedicated manual transmission fluids, and Dedicated synchronizers. These systems all work to deliver superior protection from wear and tear while incorporating high temperature resistance and gear protection. In addition, these fluids are designed to … Read more

what companies are in the technology field

When you ask yourself what companies are in the technology field, you might get confused. After all, Netflix isn’t really in the technology field – it deals in entertainment software and provides online streaming services. Disney, on the other hand, is a classic entertainment company, but it has invested heavily in gaming and streaming software. … Read more
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