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E-Collar Technologies are a great way for dog owners to teach their dogs obedience and improve their temperaments. These collars can be used with dogs of all obedience levels and temperaments. These training tools are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. They are very easy to use and are perfect for dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

Educator Collars

Educator Collar technologies are used to teach dogs to behave properly. The ET-300 collar, for example, has 100 levels of vibration and sound to help train your dog. Its range is up to 800 metres and it’s waterproof. It can even be submerged up to 12 meters. It also features an LCD display.

Educator Collars come with many exceptional features, making them some of the best on the market. This includes COS (control of stimulation), “lock and set” functions, “booster” functions, and wide pulse static stimulation. They also feature tone and vibration-only modes. The ET-300 Mini Educator weighs 2.4 ounces.

E-Collar Technologies is the only manufacturer of remote dog training collars in the US. It employs American workers and offers a two-year limited warranty. Unlike other remote dog training collars made overseas, Educator Collars’ stimulation is blunt and effective. The collars are made from high-quality materials.

K-9 Handler 400

The K-9 Handler 400 e collar is a versatile dog training device with a variety of features. This high-quality collar is equipped with sound, vibration, and pulse at up to 100 levels. It also has a Booster feature for extra training power. Its range is up to 1200 meters, and it has the ability to train two dogs at a time. Its LCD display makes it easy to use, and it has 3 training modes to choose from.

The E-Collar Tactical K-9-400 is a good choice for training hunting dogs and basic obedience. It features an adjustable collar and a fully waterproof transmitter. The collar is easy to fit and adjust, and the receiver is small enough to be worn around the dog’s neck without being too large.

Educator ET-402

The Educator ET-402 e collar comes with a variety of features for your dog’s safety and convenience. It has user-selectable stimulation levels with 60 levels of boost, a “Set and Lock” adjustment knob, and is waterproof. You can also choose to use a beeper or night blue LCD display for easy night monitoring.

The Educator ET-402 e collar has a range of 3/4 miles and is the perfect remote training collar for two dogs. The collar’s design is compact enough to fit a small dog but is effective for larger dogs as well. It also has e-collar technologies that help clear any dog’s confusion and help them know what behaviors are acceptable.

The Educator ET-402 e collar uses proprietary stimulation technology, which allows you to easily control the amount of stimulation your dog experiences. Unlike traditional shock collars, Educator collars’ stimulation levels are easily adjustable from one to 100. The stimulation levels are low enough to keep your dog from becoming frightened or vocalizing when tripped by the collar. This means that even stubborn dogs can be properly trained.

Educator ET-500

The Educator ET-500 e collar is equipped with a rechargeable battery. The collar has two built-in USB ports and can charge most devices quickly and efficiently. It also has a handy LED flashlight. This collar can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as while traveling and during training sessions.

Educator Collars are able to deliver medical-grade static stimulation that works by sending a pulse to the dog’s neck. Unlike sharp pulse stimulation, which can cause your dog to jerk his head, this type of stimulation is far safer and less invasive. This technology is similar to that used by physical therapists and chiropractors to give their patients targeted stimulation. The difference is that the Blunt pulses are topical, whereas the Sharp Pulse penetrates deep into the dog’s neck to stimulate neuronal activity.

Control of Stimulation: The Educator e-collar has a new patented technology that allows you to adjust the stimulation level. This allows you to fine-tune the amount of stimulation depending on your dog’s temperament and size.

Educator ET-600

E-Collar Technologies is a dog training system that allows you to train your dog to obey commands in various ways. The device helps owners to train dogs of all temperaments and obedience levels. It uses a combination of a vibration and static signals to teach your dog the right way to behave.

E-Collar Technologies’ products are built to last. They are made in the US and comply with the strictest quality control standards. They are made with advanced features and a lifetime warranty. This makes them an excellent value for the price. The products also come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and a two-year parts and labor warranty.

The Educator collars come in two different power levels. The first level is designed for smaller dogs. The second level is suitable for medium-sized and larger dogs. If your dog is particularly stubborn, you can choose the higher power level. There are also five training modes to suit your dog’s needs. Each mode uses a different vibration frequency.

Educator ET-800

Educator ET-800 e collar technology is a versatile tool that can be used to train your dog in a variety of environments. Its remote trainer sends a signal to the collar which causes the dog to respond with stimulation. This stimulation is either a static shock or a vibration. The aim of the stimulation is to distract the dog and mark it for a desired behavior. However, static shocks can be quite unpleasant for some dogs. To solve this problem, the Educator ET-800 e collar features non-stimulating vibration, Pavlovian tone, and lock-and-set technology. These technologies enable you to teach your dog effectively while providing a safe and effective environment.

The Educator ET-800 has an LCD display that allows you to view and adjust stimulation levels. The main display shows an indicator light that blinks green or solid red to indicate if the device is charging or needs to be set to a higher or lower stimulation level. The Educator ET-800 comes with a two-year warranty. This warranty will cover any problems you have with the collar.

Educator ET-900

The Educator ET-900 is a digital dog trainer that features two different modes of stimulation and a lock and set setting. This allows for a safe and effective training method while preventing accidental overstimulation. This collar is the most humane and effective trainer available.

When using the Educator ET-900, your dog will feel the stimulation from the collar, which is adjustable from one to six levels. You can set the stimulation level using a dial on the device or by using the “P” button on the transmitter. Educator collars also feature a Boost function that allows you to send additional stimulation to your dog. This feature is especially helpful in situations where the dog is being stubborn and is causing excessive distraction.

This e-collar provides a half-mile range, multiple levels of stimulation and a lock and set feature. The collar is expandable for up to three dogs, and is compatible with small dogs weighing five pounds or less. It also features exclusive “ramp modes,” which provide gradual stimulation over one to two seconds. In addition, the collar has an innovative “I” mode that offers immediate stimulation.

Educator ET-1000

E-Collar Technologies are devices that help you train your dog. They help you with all obedience levels and temperaments. It can also be used on a variety of breeds. These collars are designed to be easy to use and are easy to set up. These devices are also very effective when used with a training program.

The Educator ET-1000 is a powerful and reliable e-collar that is ideal for use with smaller breeds. Its transmitter has a night blue LCD display that shows the location of the pet. It is also easy to use and has a backlit keypad.

Educator ET-1000 e-collar technologies come in various sizes and power levels. It is also water resistant. It has two built-in USB ports for charging most of your devices. The device also has a 8,000mAh capacity and a handy LED flashlight.

Educator ET-2000

The Educator ET-2000 e collar technology provides a wide range of stimulation options for the dog. It uses Blunt pulse technology to deliver medical grade, humane stimulation. It is similar to the technology used by physical therapists in their Tens machines. The Blunt “Wide” Pulse delivers topical stimulation while the Sharp Pulse penetrates the muscle tissue to stimulate neurons.

The Educator e collars have separate buttons, called Lock & Set, which enable you to fine-tune the stimulation levels to suit your dog’s temperament. In addition, the collar’s memory features two levels, one for working and one for high-distraction situations.

The study used nine dogs in a preliminary study. The purpose was to generate preliminary qualitative data, as well as to refine data collection techniques. Then, the researchers used a large controlled study to test the effectiveness of e-collars in dogs. In this study, half of the dogs in Group A were used by the two trainers. The other half were untreated.

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