Best PC Games

For gamers of all ages, there’s a huge variety of PC games to choose from. From Forza Horizon 5 to Metal: Hellsinger, from God of War to Resident Evil 3, there’s something for everyone. There’s even a PC version of Metal: Hellsinger that’s free. You can find more information about all of these games in our PC games guide. You can also find reviews of each game.

God of War

This PC game features upgraded visual fidelity, enabling it to run at 4K resolution. It also supports ultra-widescreen monitors. And because of the Nvidia tech, it feels just as good as it looks. Its smooth and fluid gameplay has helped it rise to the top of the PC game charts.

The PC version of God of War features many platform-specific benefits, including high frame rates, improved resolution shadows, and better screen space reflections. It also supports low-latency Nvidia Reflex and 21:9 ultra-wide displays. In addition, the PC version is only the third game to support FSR 2.0. It has sold more than 1.5 million copies and consistently attracts over 150,000 concurrent players.

God of War is an incredible game that is perfect for a PC. The PC version adds key features to the original, and pushes the series to new heights. It runs smoothly on a variety of modern machines, and is well worth the time and money it costs. If you enjoy playing action-adventures, God of War is a must-play.

The story continues years after Kratos’ exploits in ancient Greece, where he slew the pantheon of Olympian gods. Now a father, Kratos is trying to steer his son Atreus in a better direction. Unfortunately, he has made some bad decisions in previous lives.

Persona 4 Golden

The PC version of Persona 4 Golden is a great upgrade over the PlayStation Vita version. However, it is missing one very important feature that makes it better than its PlayStation Vita counterpart: quick save. The PlayStation Vita version didn’t have this feature and required users to put their handheld to sleep every time they wished to save their progress. The PC version of Persona 4 Golden does have a quick save option, but it’s not as convenient as the PlayStation Vita’s save point. However, there are other advantages to this game. Firstly, it supports mouse and keyboard controls, which is great. It also uses the controversial Denuvo DRM solution.

Another great feature of this game is the variety of characters. Players can choose from over 150 different personas in Persona 4 Golden. You can even mix and match them to create a completely new persona. Each persona has its own set of skills and abilities. This allows you to use different personas in different situations.

Another bonus of Persona 4 Golden is that it runs smoothly on the PC. Though it’s not quite as polished as its PlayStation Vita counterpart, the PC version is well optimized for this platform. It doesn’t boast the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a PC game, but the game still runs smoothly and is a great value for money.

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