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Free Word Games – Languinis


The free game Languinis is a mix of adventure and wordplay. It features over 1,000 levels of intense spelling, word games, and crosswords. In addition, the game includes 3D graphics. The premise of the game is to free the Languinis by matching word pairs. Players can unlock more levels by acquiring knowledge of longer words.

This game has a number of different ways to challenge your memory, and the cute 3D characters will keep you entertained for hours. It also features a Letter Rush Special Event, in which you must spell more words than your opponents. The game also has a multiplayer mode, Facebook integration, cloud saving, and daily rewards.

To get started, visit Google Play and download Languinis. You may need to grant certain permissions to the app. Once you do, your PC will be ready for play. You can then double-click the app’s icon to launch it. The Languinis Word Game will then install automatically on your computer. You can play the game by double-clicking on its icon in the list of installed apps.

If you’re looking for a more challenging word game, try Sentences by Pictogame. It features over 1,000 levels, unique boosts, and great graphics and sounds. You’ll be challenged by matching three different items and combining different letters to form words. This free game offers the challenge of Hangman and anagrams with a more educational edge.

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