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Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or a way to pass the time, free words games are the perfect way to relax. You can play crossword puzzles, wordscapes, and word wipes.

Crossword puzzles

Whether you’re a parent looking for a way to keep your kids busy, or you’re a crossword enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of free crossword puzzles online. These puzzles range from easy-to-solve to extremely difficult. In addition to providing fun and entertainment, they help improve your memory and reasoning skills.

Most free crossword puzzles come with answers and links to additional puzzles. Some include time limits, which makes them harder to solve. There are also free crossword puzzle apps that allow you to solve puzzles on your smartphone. They can also be purchased for a premium subscription.

Some of the best sources for crosswords are newspapers. You can read newspaper crosswords online or print them for personal enjoyment. The Washington Post Crosswords archive includes dozens of puzzles. You can play the puzzles with a friend, or you can use a pen and paper. The crossword board is a rectangular grid of white, clean squares.

When you hover over the grid, clues appear. In some cases, the clues are written outside the grid. The clues can also be accessed via a menu. These menu options include hints, a pause icon, a timer, and a reset button.

In addition to the puzzles offered by the Washington Post, there are also puzzles offered by other newspapers. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Simon & Schuster publish puzzles.


Whether you are looking for a mind-bending game to improve your cognitive skills or you simply want to pass the time on a rainy day, Wordscapes is an excellent choice. This game is easy to learn and fun to play.

There are two types of game modes. The first is anagrams. The anagrams start off simple and gradually get more difficult. You can use coins to get hints, earn coins by playing bonus words, or earn coins by leveling up.

There are also word searches and crossword puzzles. Wordscapes In Bloom puzzles combine the best features of word find, anagrams, and crossword puzzles.

Wordscapes also offers a variety of beautiful landscape backgrounds. You can play with your friends and compete for prizes. Wordscapes features a clean interface. It is also designed to be played offline. You can download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Wordscapes is a great choice for kids and adults. The app is free to download and play, and offers multiple game modes. You can earn coins by leveling up, playing bonus words, or collecting stars. You can also pay for hints if you get stuck. The app is also a great way to practice your reading skills.


Quite similar to Wordle, Absurdle is a puzzle platformer where you try to guess a five-letter word in less than twelve moves. It isn’t a slam-dunk, however.

Absurdle starts with a large pool of potential words, but with each guess you prune it down until you’re left with a manageable number of viable candidates. In addition to guessing, you can also use your “absurd” word to guess a new one.

There are four different game modes: Timed, Extended, Challenger, and Lite. Each mode has a different set of goals. In timed mode, players must finish the challenge within 60 seconds. In extended mode, players will also have a word list with fuzzy terms. In challenger mode, players will have to push the system to accept the target word.

The Absurdle game system takes a big stab at solving the puzzle, but doesn’t have the secret word to boot. It does, however, make a big effort to keep the game going. It also has some interesting sound effects.

While the Absurdal feature can guess random words for you, it won’t be as entertaining as choosing your own words. The best guess is probably the most mathematically sound.

There’s also a special “smart” feature in Absurdle that lets you save your progress, which helps if you get stuck. The system will also give you a color-coded hint before you make your next guess. You can also post your score on social networks.


Often referred to as a crossword grid, Codeword is a free word game that requires deductive reasoning skills and word memorization. Players must find a letter that goes in a cell containing a number in the top left corner of the grid. This letter must be the same in every square in which it appears.

Codeword puzzles can be played on any computer or mobile device, including iPhone and iPad. Players can also customize the size of the grid, the number of rows and columns, and the difficulty level of the game. Some Codeword games even allow you to create your own codewords.

Codeword puzzles include every letter of the alphabet, as well as numbers from one to 26. Each square has a number in the top left corner. You must find the correct letter in each cell and match it with the number in the square.

Codeword games are designed for all ages and abilities. The game offers both a free and an in-app purchase option. Players can start with a limited number of words, but can upgrade to a larger pool of words. The professional version allows users to download new codewords regularly.

Codeword puzzles provide players with a challenging challenge and a reason to keep coming back. Each day, Codeword offers a new Codeword puzzle. Players can also check out the archive, which lasts two weeks.


Earlier this year, Wordle became a viral sensation. It’s a free, daily word game that lets players guess five-letter words. The system informs users of the correct placement of letters and shows which letters go together more frequently.

The system has a number of features, including a secret word mode and a dark theme. The secret word mode tests your ability to connect words. Whenever you guess a word, the tiles change colors. You can also try to guess a word without knowing the letters. The tiles will change to yellow if you guess the wrong letter or to green if you’re correct.

There are also options to choose the number of letters that you want to use. The most common starting letter is S. The letters that are used most often at the end are E and ER. You can also play in a hard mode.

When you make a mistake, you’ll have to start over. If you’re playing in the secret word mode, you’ll have to guess three times to make sure you’re on the right track.

After you guess a word, the letters will change color to show which ones are in the right spot. For example, if you were playing in the secret word mode and you guessed the word “Apple”, you’d have to choose the letters “A,” “E,” and “P”.

Wordle has become so popular that it has inspired a number of copycat games. They range from cynical cash grabs to unique alternatives.

Word Wipe

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or an extended challenge, you can find free Word Wipe games online. This fast-paced word building game is designed to sharpen your mind.

Word Wipe’s goal is to create several words by combining letters into meaningful crosswords. The game’s lingo may seem complex at first glance, but it’s surprisingly simple. Word Wipe has a similar concept to Boggle, but with a few differences. In the game, you must use your mouse to match letter tiles to form meaningful words.

Word Wipe is similar to crosswords, but you have to be creative to come up with a decent word. Unlike crosswords, which are arranged in a fixed direction, Word Wipe allows you to rearrange the letters in any direction. This allows you to make words that are longer or shorter.

Word Wipe also includes bonus bombs, which provide players with an opportunity to earn more points. These bombs can be filled with bonus points, which can help you finish the game with a high score.

While Word Wipe may not be the most comprehensive word game out there, it does have a few features that make it worthwhile. The bonus bombs are an obvious way to help you finish the game faster, but they also offer a number of other cool benefits.


MAG Interactive’s original word game has passed five million downloads, according to a recent press release. It has also been ranked as one of the top 10 word game apps on the Apple App Store. This has resulted in an increase in average revenue per daily active user.

The game is designed to be both fun and challenging. Players can choose to play solo or with friends. They can play with anagrams or Scrabble-like tiles. The goal is to create a word with the highest points. Players can also use a tool called WordFinder to help them find words that have high points.

Wordzee is a game that is available in the iOS app stores worldwide. Players can play online against friends and random people. They can also play in tournaments and other special events. The game has been designed to give players a break from their everyday lives. The app is free to download.

Players can purchase special letter tiles, which help them generate a higher score. They can also swap letters to increase their score. The word board is designed to take inspiration from word search games like Scrabble.

Players can play in either a quick game or a strategy game. There are over 1,000 levels in the game. Some squares on the board have bonus points, which can be earned by filling them in. Players can also win a huge bonus when they cover all the spaces.

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