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Google has created a variety of games that are available for free. While some of these games require an internet connection, many can be played offline on any device. You can also find these games buried within Google’s services. If you want to play them on your phone, you can do so in the Google app or in the Google Play store.


Google games free Snake is an addictive, challenging game that will keep you hooked on your computer for hours. This classic game has become even more exciting as the length of the snake increases. It is possible to play in dark mode and even change the size of the board. However, you’ll need to use a good strategy if you want to succeed.

Unlike other games, the Google version of Snake doesn’t keep records of your high scores, fast scores, and game times. However, you can get a game mod that saves your personal bests and record the longest time you take to finish a level. You can download this mod from DarkSnakeGang’s GitHub page.

To play Google Snake, you just have to enter “snake” into the Google search bar and select “play”. The game will appear on the top of the results. Click on the game, and you’ll be presented with a few options. First, you can choose whether to play as the snake or the fruit. There are many types of fruit available. Moreover, the colors and shapes of the fruit are also varied. Afterwards, you’ll need to choose a direction to move your snake.

Google Snake is an addictive game. It is a great way to spend your free time. If you love arcade games, try playing Google Snake. It is simple to play and has many great features. Whether you’re looking for a fun game to play with your kids or a simple game to pass time, Google Snake is a great choice.

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