how did haymitch win the hunger games

Haymitch Abernathy – A Tribute Who Won the 50th Hunger Games

Haymitch Abernathy is one of the main characters of the Hunger Games series. He is a mentor to Katniss and Peeta and believes that only one person can win the games. His strategy to win the games was to use a force field against the Capitol. However, he was ultimately killed by birds during the 50th Hunger Games.

Haymitch Abernathy is a mentor to Katniss and Peeta

Haymitch is a middle-aged man who is a former District 12 tribute who won the 50th Hunger Games. He now spends most of his time intoxicated. His main role in the novel is to act as a mentor to Katniss and her brother, Peeta. However, Haymitch is not exactly the most endearing character; Katniss finds him to be indolent and irritating.

Haymitch also serves as Peeta’s mentor during the Games. During the Games, he advises Peeta not to use his full skills until he is able to prove to the audience that he loves her. Haymitch also advises Katniss on how to survive during the Games and how to deal with the Capitol.

Haymitch Abernathy is the only remaining Victor from District 12. In the Hunger Games, Haymitch trains participants from District 12 and he has plenty of free time. Afterward, he becomes an alcoholic and lives in isolation.

Haymitch wants Peeta and Katniss to train together as a team. He asks them to learn each other’s skills, and then teaches them how to hide them during public training. It is during this time that Peeta decides to save Katniss.

A mentor is someone who passes on knowledge from a more experienced person to someone who is more inexperienced. The mentor also provides guidance and support. Haymitch serves as a mentor to Peeta and Katniss, and he does this by providing his personal experience. Haymitch was a Hunger Games victor himself, and he is a prime example of a mentor.

He believes only one person can win the Hunger Games

Haymitch is a bitter, drunk and unfriendly character from District 12 who is assigned to be Katniss’ mentor. Although he has a short temper and an unfriendly demeanor, Haymitch is an important character in the Hunger Games series. He tries to help Katniss succeed in the games but is not successful. He is a former victor of District 12 and the last living victor in twenty-four years.

Haymitch’s role in the story is to help Katniss win the Hunger Games and he is the leader of the Second Rebellion. In addition to being Katniss’ mentor, Haymitch also played a key role in the rebellion. After the war, he retired to District 12 and raises geese.

Peeta and Katniss go to District 11, where Haymitch is in conversation with tribute victors. Peeta is upset that Haymitch didn’t help him with sponsor gifts, as he believes that Katniss is a stronger contender. But Peeta understands that Haymitch believed that only one person could win the Hunger Games. When Katniss and Peeta emerge as joint winners, Haymitch remains happy.

Despite his responsibilities in the Games, Haymitch is protective of both Katniss and Peeta. Haymitch also agrees to volunteer for Peeta if Peeta is reaped. Peeta is also a tribute.

Haymitch first met Katniss at the reaping ceremony for the 74th Hunger Games. During the reaping, Haymitch was impressed by her. However, his drunkenness prevented him from helping Katniss save Peeta. Despite this, they become friends again and develop a close relationship. When Katniss is in a bad mood, Haymitch is the one who consoles her.

He uses a force field against the Capitol

Haymitch was one of the four tributes from District 12. He survived many traps and stood his ground against many opponents. In the final round, he teamed up with fellow tribute Maysilee Donner. After figuring out how to create a force field, Haymitch was able to use it against the Capitol. The force field bounced back objects that were in it and ultimately helped him win the game.

President Snow is watching Haymitch, and he didn’t trust Katniss enough to let her in on the plan. She didn’t trust Haymitch and didn’t understand his alliance with Peeta, and she didn’t know his plan. Johanna and Finnick are also in on the plan. The plan includes Haymitch using a force field against the Capitol, and the Capitol finally joins the rebellion.

Haymitch’s journey through the Hunger Games is much like Katniss’s. The two formed temporary alliances in the beginning, but they both ultimately ended up outsmarting the Capitol to save Katniss. Both of them were successful in their goals, but Haymitch was ultimately able to save Katniss and bring her back to District 13.

Haymitch has a history of bad behavior. While the Hunger Games are a traumatic experience for all participants, Haymitch’s past explains the brutality of his actions. He had a bad childhood, and his actions led him down a dark path.

Peeta and Haymitch are Katniss’ closest allies. Earlier, Peeta saved her life. He had also saved Katniss from death during the Games. However, after Peeta is captured, Katniss loses her will to live. When Peeta is captured, she loses her will to live and only Gale can pull her out of her depression.

Haymitch’s first move is to use his gold bracelet to make Peeta look desirable. This way, the audience will be more willing to sponsor her if they think she and Peeta are star-crossed lovers.

Peeta is Katniss’ fiance. She also volunteers to be a tribute, which is a way to win the Hunger Games. However, Peeta runs into a force field and is captured by the Capitol after the Quarter Quell.

He was killed by birds in the 50th Hunger Games

Haymitch, one of the last tributes, is killed by fluffy golden squirrels. A mysterious tribute is also killed in combat. A female tribute from District 1 almost killed Haymitch, and another tribute is disemboweled by birds. The female was also armed with an axe, which she held in one hand to stop the blood flow.

Haymitch is the only male tribute from District 12 who took part in the second Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games. He formed an alliance with Maysilee Donner, but then they broke up. They were both killed by a pink bird that attacked their throats.

A female tribute named Career was bent on killing Haymitch. But Haymitch’s resistance to the axe’s aim prompted the female tribute to release a forcefield to throw the axe back at Haymitch. But Haymitch had already gotten away from the female tribute, and the forcefield returned her axe back up, hitting the female tribute’s head.

Haymitch was the youngest person to win the Hunger Games. He was sixteen years old when he won. His time in the arena sounds terrifying, with killer birds, battle axes, and force fields. Nevertheless, Haymitch is the only one to survive the first Hunger Games and becomes a victor in the 50th. However, the 50th Hunger Games have never been televised.

Haymitch’s death in the 50th Hunger Games has many effects on the plot. He had a strong belief that a person could only survive if they were the only one who could survive. He also had to accept that Peeta would not survive the game. As a result, Haymitch decided to focus on Katniss instead.

Haymitch was also killed by birds during the 50th Hunger Games. The 50th Hunger Games also mark the first time that a human being was killed by birds. In the previous Hunger Games, the winner was the boy who was not killed by birds. Haymitch had an even more powerful weapon – an axe. He could have used it against the other boys.

The 50th Hunger Games are also important because they determine the fate of the remaining tributes. There are also tributes who are killed by animals. One of these is the female tribute, Brandy. She spends most of the games hiding on the crossbeam of her husband. She eventually kills Coral with the help of Mizzen and Tanner.

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