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how many perfect games in mlb

How Many Perfect Games in MLB History

The question is often asked: How many perfect games have there been in MLB history? The answer depends on the franchise. The Yankees have played three perfect games, while the White Sox each have two. However, there are many other franchises with perfect games. Here are some of them.

David Wells

David Wells’ 1998 perfect game against the Royals is a perfect game. The game was a 4-0 Yankee win, his 27th in his previous 32 games. The perfect game was one of the highlights of Wells’ great season. He finished with an 18-4 record and 3.49 ERA, and was third in the Cy Young voting. After the season, Wells won all four of his postseason starts. The next season, he was traded to the Yankees for Roger Clemens, but that doesn’t diminish the significance of this historic moment.

The perfect game was a rare occurrence in baseball, as Wells threw 120 pitches to make a perfect game. Only one pitcher has thrown more pitches in a perfect game: Matt Cain, in 2012. The Yankees came within one run in the sixth, when Tino Martinez beat out a fly ball. After that, Wells came back from a three-run count to strike out Bernie Williams.

David Wells’ perfect game on May 17, 1998 was his 15th perfect game. He retired 27 of the 27 Minnesota Twins hitters. It was the perfect game for him, which makes it the 15th perfect game in MLB history. In addition, Wells’ perfect game came on ‘Beanie Baby Day,’ when Beanie Babies were very popular during that decade.

David Cone

Since the start of baseball’s modern era, 21 pitchers have thrown a perfect game. Of these, seven have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Some of these pitchers were particularly impressive, winning the Cy Young Award once, while others won the All-Star Game or had a perfect game four years before.

A perfect game is a game where every batter is retired. This means the pitcher’s strikeout rate is at a perfect 100. A perfect game can last up to nine innings. This means that it is rare to see a perfect game, but it is possible. There have been nine since 1917. In 1989, Tom Browning pitched a perfect game. It was the first perfect game on artificial turf. The next perfect game was pitched by Dennis Martinez in 1991.

In MLB history, 23 perfect games have been thrown. The first two were thrown by Lee Richmond and John Ward in 1880. Since then, there have been 21 perfect games and seventeen in the last sixty years.

Matt Cain

Baseball is a tough game, and perfect games are no exception. In the last century alone, 23 pitchers have thrown perfect games in the majors. However, no one player has ever thrown more than one. The Yankees, White Sox, and Rays are the teams with the most perfect games. In fact, the Rays have been on the wrong side of three of them, the most of any team.

The longest gap between two perfect games is 34 years. The second longest gap is ten years. However, this is not the end of the list. There are still many perfect games to be played in MLB. For example, on June 23, 1917, Ernie Shore retired 26 consecutive batters, including Babe Ruth. However, that same night, the Yankees’ Ray Morgan was picked off, which is one reason that he is not considered the best pitcher of all time.

The most recent perfect game in Major League Baseball was pitched by Felix Hernandez on August 15, 2012, against the Tampa Bay Rays at Safeco Field. It was Hernandez’s third perfect game, and his third no-hitter.

Philip Humber

Philip Humber has pitched two perfect games during his pro career. In 2008, he pitched for the Rochester Red Wings of the AAA baseball league and went 10-8 with a 4.56 ERA in 31 starts. In 2009, Humber was traded to the Twins after struggling with his mechanics. In 2010, he pitched eight7.2 innings with a 7.39 ERA and was DFA’d by the White Sox. Humber’s story is one of the more unlikely in baseball. He failed with the team that drafted him, and eventually became a journeyman.

Humber was drafted by the Mets in 2004. After his rookie season, he was traded to the Minnesota Twins as part of a deal for Johan Santana. Humber then pitched a season for the Kansas City Royals before being claimed on waivers by the Chicago White Sox. He had previously come close to pitching a no-hitter on several occasions before his perfect game in 2012.

Philip Humber is one of the few pitchers to throw two perfect games in a season. He was only 29 years old when he threw his perfect game and was in his 30th MLB start. Before this moment, he had bounced around the majors and AAA. He played for five different teams during his career.

Ron Hassey

Only Ron Hassey and Pete Rose have caught perfect games in Major League Baseball. Hassey’s perfect games are unique in that Hassey is the only catcher to have caught two in his career. There are also two other perfect games in MLB history with players from the same team.

Hassey played catcher for the Oakland Athletics during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He played on the Oakland World Series team in 1989, though he did not appear in the game. He was part of two World Series, though. His postseason batting average was.439/.452. During his career, Hassey became Bob Welch’s personal catcher for a season when the A’s won 27 games. He caught two perfect games in his career, including a perfect game in 1988 and a perfect game in 1990.

Hassey has played catcher for six seasons in the Major Leagues. He averaged 87 games a year, with 30 strikeouts and 26 walks. In five of those six seasons, he threw out over 30 percent of runners. In one season, he led the league in caught stealing percentage.

Len Barker

There are 18 pitchers who have thrown perfect games in Major League Baseball. Len Barker is one of them. Barker was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the third round in 1973. After the 1978 season, he was traded to the Indians along with outfielder Bobby Bonds. In return, he was traded for infielder Larvell Blanks and reliever Jim Kern.

Despite the fact that he was only 25 years old at the time, Barker pitched a perfect game against the Toronto Blue Jays in 1981. He was 6’4″ tall and had a mid-90s gas fastball that was unheard of at the time. In that year, he won 19 games for the Indians and led the American League in strikeouts and ERA. He was also the first pitcher to throw two no-hitters in a single season in the MLB.

After his career at the Nationals, Barker’s career was blighted by an elbow injury. The resulting 3.87 ERA was too high for him to pitch consistently, and he was traded to the Atlanta Braves in 1983. In spite of the pain in his elbow, he managed a 19.12 record the next year, and signed a lucrative $4 million contract with Atlanta.

Felix Hernandez

As a result of his incredible performance, Felix Hernandez has been dubbed the hottest starting pitcher in the MLB. He is atop the league in several key categories, including ERA, FIP, innings pitched, strikeouts, and Wins Above Replacement. Felix is also a strong Cy Young candidate.

The perfect game, however, does not come easily. It requires a pitcher to avoid allowing baserunners for the entire game. Even if the game lasts longer than nine innings, Felix must prevent any runners from reaching base. The odds of throwing a perfect game are very low.

Despite this, there are other pitchers who have achieved the feat. The first was Randy Johnson in 2000. Other pitchers who have achieved this feat include Mark Bueherle, Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay, and Phillip Humber. Felix Hernandez, however, is the eighth pitcher to reach this mark.

Hernandez has not only thrown a perfect game in his career, but he has done so multiple times. This is a testament to his ability to put together a complete game. His defense made every play and he never committed an error. He has also won the AL Cy Young award and the ERA title. The perfect game is part of a stellar year for Hernandez, who was named an All-Star for the third time in his career.

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