how much does gamestop pay for games

How Much Does Gamestop Pay For Games?

If you’re a gamer, you might be wondering how much does Gamestop pay for games. The truth is, it’s a bit difficult to tell just how much GameStop pays for used games. It’s important to note that Gamestop is a large company that has multiple locations, so it is understandable that the company will have a high markup on the price of used games. However, Gamestop still pays a decent amount, usually between twenty and fifty percent of the used game’s retail value.

GameStop’s trade-in program

The GameStop trade-in program allows you to sell your old video games and other electronic products. In exchange for these items, you will receive cash or store credit. The amount of money you can receive depends on the type of product and its condition. Certain games will be worth more than others, while others may be worth less.

GameStop is changing its trade-in program to make the experience more user-friendly. The new system will start on August 18th and revamp the store’s core services. GameStop claims the new program will increase the trade-in value of upcoming games like Assassin’s Creed: Unity. This new approach to the trade-in program should make the experience simpler for both customers and associates.

In addition to offering a more straightforward trade-in program, GameStop will also offer a greater price for games. This change has been in the works for a while, but the company is finally making it official. It’s going to pay up to 20 percent more for your used games than they used to. The trade-in program at GameStop is a great way to get more money for your old games. And since GameStop has been selling video games for years, it makes sense that it should offer a higher value for these items.

To get an idea of the value of your game console or mobile device, visit the Gamestop website. There, you’ll find a trade-in calculator. You’ll need to input the details of the items you wish to sell and indicate their condition. The site will then calculate an offer for your trade-in.

In addition to video games, GameStop accepts other gadgets and electronics. The company also has a program for tablets and phones. If you are looking to sell your gadget or phone, the GameStop trade-in program is worth trying out. It doesn’t require a large amount of effort, and it will pay you quickly and conveniently.

In addition to the trade-in credit, GameStop also offers bonus credits to customers who sign up for its PowerUp Rewards Pro program. For example, when you trade in a game like Mario Kart 8 for $30, you’ll receive $33 in store credit. Then, you can use that store credit to buy used games. GameStop trade-ins are cleaned and tested for functionality before being resold.


If you have a collection of video games, it may be time to trade them in for cash. You can find out how much your games are worth on Gamestop’s website. You can also find out what kind of credit you can receive for your trade-in. You can get more cash if you trade-in the most expensive games. Then, you can use the credit to buy new video games. Gamestop also offers trade-ins for unused items.

The store accepts many different types of games. They also accept consoles like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Other items that they accept are phones, tablets, and tech accessories. Make sure to charge these devices before trading them in. Gamestop also has machines in-store to check whether they still function properly.

Another great feature of Gamestop is that they offer much better prices than you can get from other sources. The company makes over $30 million per year selling used games, which is a huge amount. Compared to the average retail price of new games, used games earn between 20 and 30% more. The difference isn’t huge, but it makes a difference.

When selling your used video games, you should make sure to check whether Gamestop pays cash or store credit. This option is more convenient than shipping your games, and it allows you to push a hard bargain. However, the buyer pool is smaller, so if you don’t need to sell your games immediately, you should consider selling them locally.

Gamestop is a popular place to trade-in used games, but they’ve expanded their offerings to include other items such as smartphones and smart phones. They also accept retro games, but the selection of these titles is quite limited. You should check their website for more information on the value of your trade-ins.

Store credit

If you’re selling your old games, Gamestop will pay you up to thirty percent of the retail value. Some games are not eligible for trade-in, such as retro games and sports titles. You’ll also have to keep the game discs in their cases, and they should be in their original packaging. Game consoles and game controllers should also be in good working condition. Fortunately, Gamestop stores now have testing machines to check the condition of these items.

GameStop offers three trade-in options: cash, store credit, or prepaid card. If you have a PowerUp Rewards membership, you can get even more value from your trade-in. GameStop also has bonus offers to encourage you to trade-in your games. These offers vary depending on the condition of the game and the type of trade-in method.

In addition to games, Gamestop accepts a wide variety of tech accessories for trade-in, including consoles, phones, and tablets. Some tech accessories can also be traded in for store credit. You can also ask an employee for a quote, so you know the amount of cash you can earn. Keep in mind that your items should be in working condition, and that you must have the correct chargers and USB cords.

GameStop pays about ten to twenty percent of the real value of your games, though prices can change. So don’t rely on them as an accurate estimate. If you’re not satisfied with your payout, you can return the game console or game for up to seven days for a full refund.

The GameStop trade-in calculator lets you determine the amount of cash you’ll receive for your old games. While the calculator shows store credit values, the prices you receive depend on the specifications of your device, cosmetic condition, and overall functionality. You can find more detailed information about your trade-in options by visiting the GameStop website.


If you’re a video gamer, you might be interested in GameStop bonuses. They’ve traditionally offered exclusive pre-order bonuses for select games. The pre-order bonuses are usually cheap physical items or small digital add-ons. The average bonus is about $50 per year. But what if GameStop were to do a little bit more?

During recent years, GameStop has had some tough times. The covid hit, store closings, and employee burnout have all taken their toll on the company. Meanwhile, executives have been leaving with golden parachutes. GameStop is finally making an effort to improve the working conditions for employees by making new investments in their company. Managers will receive $21,000 in company stock over three years, while hourly employees will get raises.

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