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Mahjong Games – How to Get the Most Out of Your Time

Mahjong is a tile-based game that was invented in China during the 19th century. It has since spread around the world. It is usually played by four players. There are several rules and variations to the game. Nevertheless, the basics remain the same: to get the most out of your time spent playing, it is crucial to understand how the game works.


Mahjong games are played in many different ways, including a variety of variations. Some variants have different rules for using the discard. Some require players to declare their hands before discarding them, while others do not. In addition, different versions have different bonus payouts for certain types of tiles.

Traditional Mahjong is played with sets of 144 tiles, which may be made of bamboo or bone. Modern versions often use plastic tiles. There are four basic suits: bamboo, circle, character, and wind. A few games also use a special set of tiles called wind tiles. These tiles are used to play different types of Mahjong.

Chinese classical mahjong is the oldest version of the game. It was introduced to the West in the 1920s under various names. This version has a small following in the West, but is not widely played outside Asia. A variation of this game that was imported to the United States is called Hong Kong mahjong. It differs from Chinese Classical mahjong in minor scoring details. In addition, it does not allow multiple players to win with a single discard. Another variant is the Sichuan mahjong, which originated in southern China and is increasingly popular. This game has different rules for combining tiles, including a blind selection of “wind tiles”.

Other variations of Mahjong implement special hands. These hands are worth bonus points. They are listed in the ruleset of each game. Normally, a player who calls mahjong with a hand that is not legal is penalized with points. In addition, the player who draws a flower tile or a season tile is awarded with a certain percentage of the payout. In Classic Mahjong, a winning hand is composed of two Chows and a Pung.

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