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Is Pexels Right For You?


Pexels is a royalty-free online resource for photographers, designers, and other creatives who need stock media for a range of commercial uses. The site’s search function is simple and intuitive, and users can search for media by subject matter. The quality of images and videos is good, and users can download files without attribution. However, the search function is limited to only certain fields, which can leave some users frustrated.

Pexels relies on a global community of videographers and photographers to provide a wide variety of media for use on the website. These contributors provide their media free of charge in return for a modest payment. The service also features an extensive library of stock video clips and is regularly ranked in the top eight websites for stock video.

The vast Pexels library contains a variety of high-quality media files and video clips for use in any creative project. This allows web designers to source visual elements quickly and easily without worrying about copyright or trademark infringement. Pexels’ library is free to browse and allows users to reuse and remix the media files they use. The free content license is a major plus for content creators and allows them to focus on their projects instead of worrying about copyright.

While Pexels doesn’t offer any Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts, there are other ways to save money on stock media. One alternative is PixaBay, which features a community of image creators that offers millions of free images and videos. These stock media images can be used as long as they are attributed properly.


With Canva, you can create all kinds of designs. From posters and presentations to Instagram posts and business cards, you can customize your design with a variety of tools. The website also offers a number of pre-existing templates and tons of images. You can also upload your own custom images and text.

The company is launching several new products. Its worksuite will soon include Canva Docs and Websites, as well as Canva Data Visualization. It also recently acquired the company Flourish and is expanding into the print and video world. In addition, the company plans to bring its background removal technology to videos. These products will be available in 2021.

Another tool you can use in Canva is its built-in chart maker. It features 11 different types of charts and can automatically transform data into a chart. Adding data into a table on the left side of the Canva interface will convert your data into an interactive chart. This is a helpful feature for anyone who needs to create a chart.

Another feature in Canva is its Easter egg, which adds personality and fun to the design. It is meant to lure users to discover it. This tool can be used to create a Christmas-themed design. You can also use this tool to display your Christmas lights. If you use border-image with repeat-round, you’ll be sure to strung the lights evenly. You can also use border-image-slice to show the top half of your image on the top border, while 50% of the image will appear on the bottom border. You can even add a font design to your design.

The company offers its users a number of tools to create various types of digital assets, including posters, invitations, presentations, and blogs. It also offers iOS and Android apps that allow users to create various designs. The software is very easy to use and is a great alternative to professional design tools. The main difference between Canva and professional solutions is in their pricing. With Canva, you can create stunning visual assets and save time and money while creating them.

For a successful tech company, marketing is about creating a brand that sticks. To do this, you must create a memorable first impression. This can be achieved through educating your audience and developing an engaging brand. To do this, you must have a great tool that allows your team to create compelling content. The Canva design platform is an effective tool for creating a compelling content strategy.

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