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Top Steam Games You May Not Know About

Whether you are a PC gamer or you just want to learn more about steam games, you will find information you need here. We’ll be covering everything from the top steam games to some of the most popular games you may not know about yet.

Total War: Warhammer II

Developed by Creative Assembly, Total War: Warhammer II is a strategy game set in the Warhammer Fantasy world. This sequel to the original Total War game introduces a new narrative campaign as well as four new playable factions.

Players can also play the game online. Warhammer Online has an online battle system, where players can upgrade their armies, manage cities, and engage in diplomacy. Players can also arrange armies on the battlefield. This game is based on the Warhammer universe and is intended for gamers who have a good grasp of strategy games.

Players can play as a single race or choose a combination of three races, or they can choose a lord of their choosing. Each race has a unique set of units. The lord can grow and evolve based on the player’s actions.

Total War: Warhammer II also features an innovative end-game twist. In addition to a new campaign, players can choose to play as a Legendary Lord. Legendary Lords are four iconic races from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe. Their campaign start position and battle stance is different. The game also includes Rites, huge game-changing bonuses that can be accessed after fulfilling certain objectives.


CS:GO is one of the most popular PC games on Steam. Its popularity has spawned events and viewership on Twitch. Unlike many competitive games, CS:GO’s audience spans the planet. It has professional and amateur support.

CS:GO is a multiplayer first person shooter with a unique set of mechanics. The game links players’ Steam and Twitch accounts. Its combat is very good. Its map is smaller than PUBG or Fortnite. It is not as colorful as Overwatch.

The game also has an interesting battle royale mode. It’s not as large as PUBG or Fortnite, and it’s not as colorful. However, it’s got better overall detail and environmental lighting. It also offers players a variety of different characters to choose from.

CS:GO is also a good example of a game that’s been updated for the modern age. It has a lot of tweaks and new operations. It also introduces mission-based modes and new ways to play specific game modes.

Garry’s Mod

Originally known as GMod, Garry’s Mod is an incredibly popular sandbox game. It allows players to create anything. From vehicles to weapons to ragdolls, it has a variety of tools to play with.

One of the most interesting parts of Garry’s Mod is the physics-based build tools. Users can create custom objects and weld them together. There are also some post-processing effects such as bloom. This enables light to spread and simulates camera focus.

There are also several different game modes. The most popular is probably the prop hunt. This is a twist on the traditional hide and seek. Players are assigned a hiding spot and need to find and collect objects. They may also shoot props with their guns.

Another popular game mode is Horde. Players can create different player classes. They can also team up with other players. There are also custom maps available for this game mode.

The mod community has also been busy making downloadable add-ons. Some of these include new features for the tool gun. The tool gun can be used to weld objects together, create decals, and paint on surfaces. It also allows players to adjust the faces of ragdolls.


Whether you are looking for a haunting horror game for your PC or for your VR headset, you should definitely consider Phasmophobia in Steam. This game combines elements of puzzle-solving and survival game into a spooky, eerie experience.

Phasmophobia is a four-player co-op game that lets players hunt for and gather evidence of paranormal activity. The game features realistic graphics and minimal user interfaces. It also encourages players to interact through voice chat.

To start, players create a lobby. Then, they are placed in one of several maps. They can use different tools to gather evidence and interact with the environment.

After completing a mission, players will be awarded with a payout. In addition, they can sell evidence to a ghost removal team. The evidence will be rated according to its category and will earn players points. If players are able to take a photo of the ghost, they can earn even more money.


Developed by Ronimo Games, Awesomenauts is a three-on-three action platformer-MOBA hybrid that incorporates elements from 2D platformers, fighting games, and other games with similar characteristics. In the game, players control intergalactic mercenaries. Each team contains three members. Players can take on computer-controlled opponents in either LAN or online matches.

The game is available on both PC and Xbox 360. The game also includes a two-stage tutorial level. There are several modes of play, including ranked and unranked play. Players may also choose to play in splitscreen. The game is available for free on Steam. In the past, the game was sold for $5, but that price is no longer in effect.

The game boasts an impressive graphics suite. There is also a wait mechanic. There are also numerous customization options. The game also features round-robin modes. In addition to the usual team deathmatch and duels, players can play in a single-player mode against computer-controlled opponents.

Path of Exile

Whether you’re looking for an action role-playing game that’s free to play, or you want a high-quality multiplayer game for your friends, you should definitely check out Path of Exile. It’s a game that combines elements of action and RPGs, blending lore and adventure with a dark fantasy setting.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play action role-playing game that was originally released for Microsoft Windows in October 2013. Path of Exile has been updated and expanded over the years, bringing new content to the table. It has grown its player base to over 30,000 players a day. This has made Path of Exile one of the top Steam games.

Path of Exile is a tactical RPG that takes place on the continent of Wraeclast, which is home to a number of ancient gods. Players must battle through dungeons to gain entrance into the dream worlds, where they can earn increasingly powerful items.

Path of Exile offers several different classes to choose from, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Each class has three subclasses, and players will be able to choose the one that best suits their play style.


Developed by Freejam Games, Robocraft is a multiplayer action game that allows you to build your own robots. You can then choose the size, speed, and agility of your robot. You can also use your robots to battle other Robocraft players online.

Robocraft is available as an Early Access game on Steam. It is a great mix of action and strategy. Players have a wide variety of weaponry to choose from.

There are also a variety of multiplayer game modes available. These include Team Deathmatch, Play vs. AI, and Test. Each game mode is ranked and features a variety of special abilities.

There is also a damage system model that allows you to redirect damage to nearby parts, and to move damage from a more important part to a less important part. This can be a great way to build a robot that can survive more than one match.

One of the other great things about Robocraft is that you can earn ranking points by playing multiplayer matches. You can then use those points to buy items in the game’s shop. You can also purchase extra construction materials.


Unlike the previous Soulslike entries, Steelrising offers more than just a slog through the sewers. Its innovative gameplay and interesting aesthetic are worth checking out.

Steelrising features an interesting premise, a surprisingly wacky cast, and a fun combat system. It also has a cool look and some cool secrets. Unfortunately, it also has a few problems. Some of the most impressive features are also the most frustrating, such as the level design.

The game’s story is an interesting tale about a high-level automaton named Aegis, who is tasked by Queen Marie Antoinette to find Eugene de Vaucanson, a key figure in halting Louis XVI. Aegis is unique, however, in that she never questions the orders she is given.

Steelrising is an action RPG that revolves around combat. It features a leveling system that can take a while to master. It also offers accessibility options, including a nifty “Assist” mode that can be customized to your liking. There’s also a “God” mode that provides a 1% to 100% health boost.

Grand Theft Auto V

Until this week, Grand Theft Auto V had not been included on Steam Deck’s most played games list. However, the latest update from Rockstar Games may have sparked some interest in the game.

This list ranks games based on the number of hours played. This means that if you play Grand Theft Auto V for 79 1/2 hours, you will have completed it. However, if you want to do everything that the game has to offer, you will likely spend over three hours more.

Grand Theft Auto V is a sprawling open world game set in Los Santos. Its world is full of detail. There are several different tasks for players to complete, such as escaping from cops and side missions.

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V includes a new first-person mode, as well as an improved online mode. This version of the game is also equipped with a new video editor called Rockstar Editor.

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