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Web Games – Simple Single-Player Games

Simple gameplay

Browser games are single-player games that use a web browser as their client. They are often simple and are created with web technologies. These games allow for fast and easy creation and distribution. The web has made web games a viable distribution and development platform. Simple gameplay is the key to their success. This article explores some of the key features of web games and how to create simple single-player games.

Low system requirements

Despite the high system requirements of most PC games, some are available on the web and are suitable for low-end computers. Warframe, an action role-playing game with low requirements, is a good example. This game requires only a few GBs of RAM, which is less than half of the system requirements of other action role-playing games.

Simple graphics

Simple graphics in web games are the most basic form of visual content, yet a vital aspect of creating an engaging experience. A strong composition guides the player’s eye to the most significant elements and creates a coherent hierarchy among them. Each graphic asset carries a certain amount of visual weight, determined by its size, contrast, luminosity, and position on the canvas. Generally, the larger, brighter, and more colorful objects carry a higher weight than the smaller, more subdued objects.

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