which of the following is important when using technology

Which of the Following is Important When Using Technology?

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies must make sure that they communicate with their customers in a timely manner. Whether it’s through a website where customers can get answers to their questions after hours or a fast-shipping option that allows them to move products across large areas quickly, technology makes this possible. This improved customer-business communication can be advantageous to businesses in many ways.


Appropriateness is a key consideration for educational technology. In today’s increasingly digital world, the use of technology in the classroom should support the educational objectives of the classroom. The most effective educational technologies enhance critical thinking and creativity. The appropriate use of educational technology will empower both students and teachers. However, determining whether a given technology is appropriate will require knowledge and expertise in the relevant fields.

Appropriate technology includes the use of open-source resources. These sites allow a wide range of people to edit content. Many educational institutions are beginning to use open source resources, such as Curriki, which facilitates collaboration, and Connexions, which offers free instructional materials. An open source website is considered appropriate if it is easy to administer and maintain.


We have long been able to benefit from the invention of technology. For instance, humans invented the wheel around 3500 B.C. The potato chip was invented in 1853. And in 1882, a carbonized bamboo filament was used to power a light bulb for over one thousand hours. These innovations came about because humans felt a need to solve problems.

Communication with customers

One of the most important things for businesses to consider when using technology is communication with customers. This can be accomplished with an array of tech tools. A website, for instance, is a vital tool for communicating with customers. In addition to providing information on the company and its products, a website also provides customers with the ability to place orders and track their delivery times. A company without a website is missing out on a key communication channel and could lose customers.

Social media is another way for companies to communicate with customers. It enables companies and consumers to share ideas and concerns. Facebook Messenger is a useful tool for business communication. It allows consumers to ask questions directly and receive responses in one thread. Facebook Live Q&As are also a great way to engage with customers. Using these tools to communicate with customers is a great way to build trust and build customer relationships.

Using modern technology to communicate with customers can also streamline workflow and improve productivity. This, in turn, leads to a better customer experience. Studies show that businesses that resolve issues through technology often have happier, more loyal customers. In fact, 66 percent of customers will do more business with a company that provides quality customer service.

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