why is cool math games blocked

Why is Cool Math Games Blocked at SLHS?

Cool Math Games used to be a big site at SLHS, but recently it was blocked. The block was lifted, but many people are still puzzled about why the site was blocked in the first place. The site is important to students at SLHS, so it’s important to know why it was blocked.

Blocking cool math games prevents students from wasting time

Coolmath is a popular and harmless website that is designed to help students develop critical thinking skills while they’re in class. Its creators expected the website to be used in schools and do not believe the games are harmful. However, blocking the site is an inappropriate way to discourage students from using the website in class. Besides, blocking the site could lead students to waste more time looking for drugs and using their phones than focusing on learning.

School administrators block cool math games for a variety of reasons. Blocking these websites can negatively affect the students’ learning and negatively affect the teachers’ time. However, some websites have to be blocked for security reasons. For example, coolmathgames has been blocked by a school in the Wentzville, Missouri, due to concerns that students might misuse them.

Keeps students from wandering around

There are several ways to keep your students focused on math. One way is to use cool math games. These are fun, engaging games that are accessible from the web. The pages for these games are located in the right hand corner of the browser window. They are available on all browsers and computer systems.

Doesn’t shut down in 2020

Although the future of Coolmath Games is uncertain, it is clear that the website will not shut down. The company launched in 1997, with the sole purpose of ensuring that math is fun for everyone, especially young kids. It has remained committed to making math fun, and has repeatedly promised to remain open and available after Adobe ends its support for Flash Player.

While Coolmath Games are extremely popular with younger generations, some are worried that they will soon shut down because of the decline of Flash support. Flash is one of the main components of websites, and it is being abandoned by many popular programs. With this coming change, it is a good idea to convert your online games to HTML5 so they will remain open.

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