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New Games For Xbox One and Xbox 360

Whether you want to be up to date on the latest Xbox games or are looking for a game to play, there is no shortage of great games to choose from. Below are a few to look at.

Resident Evil 2

Earlier this year, Capcom released a remake of Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror game from 1998, and it’s available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 5. In this updated version of the game, players can choose to play as either Chris or Leon. They’ll travel through several different locations to fight mutated creatures and solve puzzles.

Resident Evil 2 has a modernized control scheme and an over-the-shoulder camera perspective. The game also features realistic visuals and audio. Resident Evil 2 was developed by forty to fifty people over twenty-one months.

The Resident Evil franchise has become one of the most popular survival horror games of all time. The series has featured first-person and third-person titles. The Resident Evil games also feature ray tracing and high frame rates.

Resident Evil 2 has been released for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The remake features a number of different parallels to the original game, including more rooms and more enemies. The game also features a new gameplay mechanic, Wooden Boards, which allow players to block windows and spawn zombies.


Developed by Neverjam and published by tinyBuild, SpiderHeck is a physics-based brawler that is a fun co-op and solo experience. With a variety of weaponry to choose from, players can join forces with friends to combat a swarm of savage enemies. Using physics to their advantage, players will use web-slinging, gravity-defying arenas, and even a deadly dance of chaos to take down their opponents.

SpiderHeck offers a host of exciting game modes, including the Wave Survival mode, which has players starting out with three lives. As they progress, the game offers increasingly challenging rounds of enemies. You can also replenish your health and lives through progressing in the game.

The game also features the wave-making physics-based parkour, which is a fun and challenging way to move around. This isn’t the only thing you’ll be doing though, as you’ll also be dealing with lava, chasms, and spiderwebs.

SpiderHeck also includes the wave-making Wave Survival mode, which has players starting out on three lives. This is a good way to acclimatize to the controls, since you’ll be moving around an arena with attached conditions.


Among the many new Xbox games announced for the Xbox One and Xbox Xbox 360 is a new Fable game. The reboot is not due out until 2020, but it has been in development for four years. In addition to the Fable name, the game will be produced by Playground Games, who are best known for their Forza Horizon series.

The new Fable game will be developed using the ForzaTech engine, a powerhouse that powers games such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Skyrim. It’s also likely to feature online multiplayer components.

The Xbox One version of Fable is currently not available for pre-order, but pre-orders for the Xbox One version will be made public soon after the game’s release. The company is considering releasing the game through Xbox Gamepass, an online subscription service that enables gamers to play digitally-released games without having to purchase a physical console.

There’s no real release date for the game, but it’s rumored to be around the middle of 2020. It’s also possible that the game will hit Xbox Gamepass before it launches on Xbox One, as it was earlier this year ported to the Mac by Feral Interactive.

Doom Eternal

id Software has made a major upgrade to Doom Eternal for Xbox and PC. The update includes new game content, a new Battle Mode arena, and improved performance. The update also includes balancing changes, quality of life improvements, and other enhancements.

The update adds the new Master Level and a new Battlemode arena with Corrosion. It also introduces a new feature known as “destructible demons”, which is a game system that makes trigger pulls more powerful.

In addition to the new features, the Xbox Series X|S upgrade also includes improved visuals. It supports ray tracing on the Xbox X and NVIDIA RTX ray tracing on Xbox One.

Doom Eternal is a single player action first-person shooter that features a huge bestiary and a host of new weapons and upgrades. There are also two multiplayer modes, Battlemode and Invasion. Battlemode lets players battle demons in a 2v1 PvP multi-round death match. Invasion allows online players to invade another player’s campaign.

There are also cosmetic DLC packs, which feature skins, weapons, nameplates, and icons. Doom Eternal skins can be used in campaign mode or Battlemode. Those who purchase Doom Eternal can also receive three sets of armor for their characters.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Originally announced in 2010, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl was set to release in December of this year. However, the game has been delayed. The game will now release in 2023. This delay was caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The game is set in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. This zone is a vast expanse of dangerous anomalies. There are also mutants and bandits in the area. You will need to manage your food, stamina, and radiation.

In addition to being a next-gen title, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. also features a photogrammetry system. This allows for more realistic visuals. The game will also have a unique blend of horror and first-person shooter.

Currently, the game will be available on Xbox and Windows PCs. However, it is not clear if it will also be available on the PlayStation 5. Originally, the game was set to be released in six months. However, the developer has announced that it will be delayed until at least 2023.

Elden Ring

ELDEN RING is an action role-playing game (RPG) that’s being developed by FromSoftware, the makers of Bloodborne and the critically-acclaimed Dark Souls. The game is set in the fictional “Lands Between” in which several demigods rule, and the player character is one of the exiles from this world.

Elden Ring features a large and intricate open-world that is not as linear as it may appear. Players can explore the world at their own pace, and take on a variety of enemies. The game also includes puzzles and quests that will require some attention.

ELDEN RING also contains an adaptive music system that changes the volume of the sound depending on what the player is doing. This is especially helpful when the player is fighting enemies. Normally, the soundtrack is low-volume, but when the player is fighting a large group of enemies, the volume is increased to increase the intensity.

Elden Ring also features a summon system, which allows players to invite other players into the world of the game. However, players cannot ride horses while CO-OPing.

Street Fighter 6

During the PlayStation State of Play event in June 2022, Capcom revealed that the next mainline fighting game will be Street Fighter 6. The title will be playable on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is slated for release in 2023.

Street Fighter 6 will feature a wide variety of characters. A total of 18 fighters are expected to be playable at launch. Some characters will be new to the series, while others will be returning. The game features a new “Drive” system that allows players to power up powerful attacks from the beginning of a round.

This system combines several mechanics from previous Street Fighter games. Each character has a Drive meter, and this meter can be used for five different actions. These actions include performing five different techniques, improving defense, and making a special attack. However, a player’s Drive meter is limited. This means that a player will need to carefully ration the Drive meter to keep themselves from using too much. Once a fighter runs out of Drive, they are subject to a burnout.

Halo Infinite

Whether you’re a fan of the Halo series or you’re just looking for a fun game, Halo Infinite is a great option. It’s a modern take on the first-person shooter genre, combining elements from the original game with a little something new.

Halo Infinite’s campaign is free to download for players who have a valid Xbox Live account, but it’s also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass. Unlike most open world games, Halo Infinite doesn’t assume you’ve played previous titles.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is free to play, but you can also pay for a Premium Battle Pass. The Premium Battle Pass costs $10 and grants you access to an additional level of content. In the beta version, players could choose to play cooperatively, or they could choose to play against bots.

There aren’t many new weapons or equipment options in Halo Infinite, but it does feature new mechanics. For example, players can grappleshot, allowing them to scale buildings that were previously inaccessible. They can also throw explosive canisters at enemies from a distance.

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