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Range Technology Offers a One-Year Limited Warranty on the Range AFM/DFM Disabler

Range Technology has various programs for reducing the costs of purchasing new units and providing warranty coverage. For example, if you purchase a new vehicle at a predetermined discounted rate, you can get a one-year warranty for it. In addition, you will not be liable for travel time or labor charges, which are contingent expenses.

Range Module

The warranty provided by Range Technology is limited to the parts contained in the product. The warranty is not transferable and cannot be extended or varied. The warranty is effective for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Warranty coverage is limited to the parts contained within the product and does not cover use or service.

The Range Technology module works with factory-installed Active Fuel Management and allows the vehicle to drive in V4 mode for up to 80% of the time. This means maximum dollar savings for the driver. The manufacturer estimates that the module will save the average driver $1700 over the lifetime of the vehicle. The Range Technology module is compatible with many GM vehicles. These include the popular Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks and the popular Chevy Silverado car.

This technology module is made to be easily installed. It is a plug-and-play device that connects to the OBD-II diagnostic port. The Range Technology AFM/DFM disabling module will turn off the AFM/DFM system. It requires no programming and will not leave any traces on the PCM.

The Range technology module includes two tools to disable Active Fuel Management and Dynamic Fuel Management. AFM/DFM disabling is one way to prevent Dynamic Fuel Management from dropping cylinders. The Range AFM/DFM Disabler will disable AFM and DFM and allow the engine to run in full cylinder mode. Both tools can be installed without reprogramming the factory ECU.

Range AFM Disabler

The Range AFM/DFM Disabler prevents Active Fuel Management and Dynamic Fuel Management from dropping cylinders. This device works without having to reprogram the factory ECU. By disabling these systems, drivers can increase horsepower and decrease fuel consumption without having to worry about dropping cylinders.

The Range AFM Disabler is an easy to install device that will prevent your vehicle from sending out ECU signals to your car. It disables the Active Fuel Management feature of the factory ECU and eliminates the Auto Start/Stop function. You will need to ensure that the car’s engine is turned off first, so that you can access the OBD-II port.

Installing a range AFM disabler is not as easy as some people think. But it works just as well as the manufacturers advertise. You can follow step-by-step installation instructions provided with the tool. Installing the device yourself can save you money because you won’t have to take your vehicle to a workshop to have it repaired. It also reduces fuel consumption by shutting off half the vehicle’s cylinders.

This device can bypass the Active Fuel Management feature in your GM vehicle. This is useful in cases where you have to make a pit stop. However, it can cause power loss and misfires. Bypassing the security system can also damage the car. In these cases, a Range AFM disabler may be life-saving.

The Range Active Dynamic Fuel Management Disabler is an effective tool in reducing the amount of fuel that your car needs to run. With it, you won’t get the jarring shuddering sensation that you experience with regular fueling. Furthermore, the active fuel management disabler extends the life of your engine because valve lifters no longer alternate between active and inactive.

Range Start/Stop Disabler

If you’re tired of hearing your car engine start up and stop repeatedly while stopped at a stop light, you should consider getting a Range Start/Stop Disabler. The device will prevent your car from hesitation when restarting after stopping and will also help prevent expensive repair bills down the road.

The Range Start/Stop Disabler is an aftermarket device that plugs into an OBD-II port to disable the engine. It doesn’t require any wiring or programming, so installing and removing the device is easy. It also leaves no permanent mark on the ECU, unlike some aftermarket products.

The Range Start/Stop Disabler is compatible with all models of Ford, Chrysler, and Dodge. It eliminates the start/stop problem caused by automatic engines. The Start/Stop Disabler plugs into the OBD-II port, the same port that mechanics use to analyze emissions and run engine diagnostics.

Range Active Dynamic Fuel Management Disabler

The Range AFM/DFM Disabler will prevent Active and Dynamic Fuel Management from dropping cylinders. It will do this without reprogramming the factory ECU. It is the easiest and most convenient way to disable Active and Dynamic Fuel Management. It is a must-have accessory for any Range owner, because this is the only way to restore your vehicle’s factory performance.

The Range Technology AFM/DFM Disabler is a plug-in module that works with 2007 and newer Silverado 1500s with an active or dynamic fuel management system. However, the device doesn’t work on newer models with 10-speed transmission. Using the Range AFM/DFM Disabler is a simple process, requiring no mechanical knowledge or tools.

It is also important to know that the Range Active Dynamic Fuel Management Disabler will eliminate the jarring shuddering sensation that a vehicle experiences when the accelerator is depressed. It will also allow the vehicle to run at full power 100% of the time, extending the life of the engine. Moreover, it will give you greater power and control on off-road trails and icy roads.

The Range AFM/DFM Disabler is an excellent way to restore your vehicle’s factory performance. This device plugs into the onboard OBD-II port and prevents the Active Fuel Management system from dropping cylinders. This device doesn’t require factory programming and will work with all GM active and dynamic fuel management vehicles.

Range Technology provides a limited warranty for the product. This warranty covers only the parts contained in the product. The warranty cannot be extended or varied without the consent of Range Technology.


Range technology offers a one-year warranty on its covered products. The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser. If your range breaks down during the warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced. Warranty repairs or replacements are not done by the product’s manufacturer, but by the company. If you have a problem with your range, you should contact Range Technology and ask for a repair.

You can contact Range Technology directly to get support and firmware updates. Alternatively, you can visit an official Range Technology dealer, such as Auto Anything, Dale’s Super Store, or Summit Racing. If you decide not to purchase directly from Range Technology, you can return it within 30 days. Nonetheless, please remember that this warranty only applies to the parts included in the product.

If you’ve purchased a NETGEAR product, the warranty is governed by the laws of the country where you purchased it. You may have additional legal rights. These may vary by state. Please check your local laws for more information about your rights under the warranty. The warranty will give you specific legal rights and can be enforced through any legal action.

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