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Surna Cultivation Technologies Secures a $2.1M Systems Engineering Contract With a Maryland Facility

Surna Cultivation Technologies has recently secured a $2.1M systems engineering contract with a facility in Maryland. The contract covers the comfort cooling of office spaces. Additionally, the company offers HVAC equipment and MEP engineering services. In addition to these services, Surna Cultivation Technologies also provides water treatment solutions.

Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC

Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC is a subsidiary of CEA Industries Inc. and is a leading provider of controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) systems. Since 2006, Surna has served hundreds of indoor cultivators and more than 200 commercial-scale operators. Founded by Stephen Keane and Brandi Keane, the company began developing HVAC products for small-scale producers and has grown to cater to the needs of a mature cannabis industry.

The Colorado-based company will provide HVAC, controls and engineering services for a cannabis aeroponic cultivation facility in California. It has previously worked with Aeriz Holdings Corp. on other projects, including a facility in Arizona. Surna will also provide on-site electricity generated from combined heat and power systems (cogeneration). This type of energy production is a proven way to reduce greenhouse energy costs while providing process heat to grow cannabis.

Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC has recently announced an agreement with Merida. The partnership will see the company provide indoor cultivation facilities as the exclusive supplier of HVACD systems. Additionally, Surna will provide local maintenance services. Maintenance teams will evaluate the condition of equipment and communicate with customers at regular intervals. Additionally, the company will work with cultivation teams to make sure the entire facility is functioning optimally.

In May of 2021, Surna diversified its product offering and entered the CEA market. These days, Surna provides a complete line of indoor farming equipment and environmental control solutions for CEA facilities. The company is focusing on meeting the needs of CEA facilities and will continue to expand its offering.

HVAC equipment

When building a vertical farm, one of the first steps to energy management is to invest in proper HVAC equipment. Surna is a leading provider of HVAC equipment for vertical farms and can help you choose the right HVAC equipment for your specific needs. They have the expertise and experience to help you determine what type of HVAC equipment is right for your vertical farm and its climate.

Surna cultivation technologies offers a variety of products and services. These include complete indoor cultivation facility design and equipment. Their services also include HVAC design and architectural services. The company is committed to fulfilling the unique needs of CEA facilities. They are constantly evolving and expanding their product portfolio and services to meet growing customer demands.

In addition to HVAC equipment, Surna also offers MEP engineering services to help indoor cannabis growers plan their projects efficiently. Using its MEP engineering knowledge, Surna has published content in the CEA, a magazine focusing on indoor growing. While the MEP retrofitting process can be complex, Surna offers clear, understandable information about the entire process.

The company offers both packaged and split HVAC systems. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a package unit is typically more energy efficient than a standalone DX unit. But the biggest difference between the two is that a package unit uses chilled water instead of refrigerant. This allows you to maximize energy efficiency and ensure the most homogeneity for your specific application.

Surna cultivation technologies is a Colorado-based company that offers controlled environment agriculture systems and HVAC equipment. Since 2006, it has served hundreds of indoor growers and more than 200 commercial operators nationwide. The company started developing HVAC equipment for small-scale growers, but has expanded its operations to meet the needs of the growing cannabis industry.

MEP engineering services

MEP engineering is a key step in the design of a cultivation facility. It ensures the building meets the needs of the cultivation process. This requires engineers with extensive experience in cultivation. They should be able to consider all aspects of the project, including the climate and lighting schedules of the plant. They should also be familiar with regulations and odor control.

Surna Cultivation Technologies offers mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and architectural services. They can also help with lighting design and HVAC equipment. They can also provide design and engineering support to make the building functional and attractive. This helps the cultivation process go as smoothly as possible. Choosing the right MEP engineer is an important decision to make in this process.

A good MEP engineer can provide detailed drawings to help with permitting and construction. MEP engineers can also make detailed calculations to identify system needs. They also ensure that the system is installed according to specifications. The MEP engineers will also support the construction process by approving the material selections and supporting the construction process.

Surna Cultivation Technologies offers complete indoor cultivation facility design services. They specialize in energy efficient indoor cultivation and provide comprehensive equipment solutions. Surna has a focus on satisfying the demands of CEA facilities and will continue to expand its product and service offering. They are a leading provider of HVAC equipment and HVAC solutions for the cannabis industry.

Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC is a publicly traded company that specializes in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technologies. It has served hundreds of indoor cultivators throughout the United States, including many commercial-scale operators. The company was founded by a husband and wife team, Brandy Keen, in 2006 and became publicly traded in 2014. Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC quickly expanded its operation to meet the needs of the growing cannabis industry.

Electrical engineers play a vital role in the design of cultivation facilities. Their job is to ensure that wiring and power supplies are adequate and meet the code requirements. Choosing the right electrical system can reduce the energy and operational costs. The electrical engineers must also coordinate with the mechanical engineer.

Water treatment solutions

Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of CEA Industries, is offering water treatment solutions to its clients. The company understands the importance of pure water, and will deliver a comprehensive system that fits the needs of each client. Surna offers water purification solutions, including condensate collection and treatment, equipment supply, and system integration.

The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, and provides engineering services to the CEA industry. The company offers everything from architectural design of cultivation facilities to licensed engineering services for commercial scale environmental control systems. In addition, the company provides benching solutions for indoor cultivation as well as preventative maintenance services for CEA facilities. Surna has served hundreds of indoor cultivators and over 200 commercial operators.

Surna also offers indoor cannabis cultivation solutions that integrate with the surrounding environment. The company provides indoor growers with efficient, energy and water-efficient solutions to meet the challenges of indoor cannabis cultivation. The company’s technology and experience in controlled environments helps growers meet regulatory requirements and meet complex process controls.

The company has served the cannabis industry for over 15 years and has a dedicated team of experts to support its customers. Their products are designed to maximize productivity and reduce energy costs. Its products and services can help commercial growers maximize their production and comply with local and state codes. The company’s mission is to make indoor cultivation facilities efficient.

Surna Cultivation Technologies is expanding its air handler product line, adding a new EnviroPro Packaged DX air handler for both cooling and dehumidification. The system eliminates the need for standalone dehumidification units. It is a cost-effective solution that includes a DDC controller, sensors, and setpoint management. It can also be integrated into the company’s SentryIQ(r) control system.

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